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Noya Pawlyn


Welcome to Noya's Kitchen!
I was proud to open my own Vietnamese cafe in central Bath in december 2017. its a beautiful, homely, grade II listed building, and I'm so excited to welcome you TO 7 St James's Parade. See you there! 

My roots in Vietnamese food run deep. I started cooking from a very early age. As eldest daughter I had to. My first experience was shopping for food for my 4 siblings and making us all rice in a Hong Kong refugee camp, whilst my parents went out to work. We’d recently left Vietnam in a boat and I was 7 years old.

I was always interested in food, helping mum and dad cook, watching them wash rice. That was the first thing I learnt to make: perfect rice - and the obligatory spicy dipping sauce!

Vietnamese food is all about balance. It’s simple but so fresh, as we use a lot of different varieties of fresh herbs. They are not just for garnish but play a major part in Vietnamese food. Dishes are aromatic, with layers of flavour, the amount of spice controlled to individual taste with use of chilli and dipping fish sauce.

Growing up in the UK, Vietnamese food was our link to the culture we left behind. I’ve learned to love sharing my favourite dishes with my many friends who keep coming back for more!


"Thank you, I sampled your delicious food for the first time at supper club last week. no wonder people rave about you - it was truly delicious, stunning food."

/  Ailsa, Sept 2017  /